My name is Jennifer Manlowe and I am a creative clarity counselor (CCC) who founded EmboldenU to help people uncover what they want to share with the world.

After being a published author and a professor of psychology for many years, I decided to leave academia and take my creative counseling interests into the world. My heart said:

“Your greatest gifts emerge when you’re emboldening people to express themselves.”

Since founding EmboldenU, I’ve seen many get clear about their aspirations and turn them into something they can share with the world.

To help my clients have creative breakthroughs, I use intuitive games and fascinating questionnaires.

Some clients — often in the second half of life — choose to work with me because they feel blocked creatively. Others have a book or business idea they’d like to take into the public domain but something seems to be holding them back no matter how hard they try or how many workshops they attend.

Note: I’ve had to overcome instinctual fears to get going and out there in an authentic way. No matter how many degrees I’ve mastered, certifications I’ve acquired, inspiring books I’ve read or written, I have had trouble staying in action all the way through to completing my goals.
But, I broke through to the other side after hiring my own creative clarity coach.

Do you feel ready to get out from under the rock of confusion? Here’s how to decide if you are a ripe candidate for creative clarity coaching: Do you have any of these experiences when you think about going forward?

  • you have a dream to express yourself but feel stuck in doubt that it would be appreciated by others.

  • you don’t know where to begin or how to follow through a great idea to completion.

  • you are willing to experiment but need accountability.

  • you want to discover what’s next in a fun way. 

  • you are eager to move from what’s not working to what will definitely work and are ready to begin.

If you have tried everything to get clear — and into action! — and are ready to use strategies that work, we need to talk.

I can’t wait to meet you and learn what you want to share with the world.

We can Skype if you’re far away or meet in person if you’re a Pacific Northwesterner. Please shoot me an email:

NOTE: My intuitive methods and games include Enneagram Profiling and Voice Dialogue. I promise… you will be astounded how helpful these techniques are in getting you unstuck and on your way to creative clarity!

Invest in yourself and you’ll never be sorry!