EmboldenU: Share Your Truth with the World!

Hi, my name is Dr. Jennifer Manlowe and I founded EmboldenU to help people of all ages communicate with their loved ones more boldly – authentically – without losing connection. After being a published author and professor of psychology/philosophy for many years, my heart said:

“Your greatest joy and natural gifts emerge when you’re emboldening people to express themselves honestly.”

This is no ordinary coaching; I use intuitive games to foster surprising insights.

Need your questions answered or your answers questioned? Please email me: [email protected]

P.S. All my books can be found here in my Manlowe Publications page or by typing “Jennifer Manlowe” in any online bookstore.

I help my clients have authentic breakthroughs by using intuitive games and fascinating questions.

Note: I’ve had to overcome instinctual fears to communicate honestly with those I like or wish liked me. No matter how many degrees I’ve mastered, certifications I’ve acquired, inspiring books I’ve read (or written!), I have had trouble speaking and living authentically in ways that maintain connection to others.
But, I broke through to the other side after hiring my own creative clarity coach.

We can Skype if you’re far away or meet in person if you’re a Pacific Northwesterner. Please shoot me an email: [email protected]

NOTE: My intuitive methods and games include Enneagram Profiling and Voice Dialogue. You will be astounded how helpful these techniques are in getting you to live and connect more authentically to yourself and others.