I’m Now a Therapist-Intern with Acuity Counseling

Individual & Couples Therapist-Intern

Jennifer believes that all humans possess a deep desire for purpose and meaning and that we are influenced by the people in our lives, including our cultural context and family-of-origin. Her approach is a compassionate one that appreciates diversity in a changing world. She uses various intuitive tools to help individuals and those in romantic partnerships understand themselves and others in more generous ways.

Working with Individuals
In individual counseling, you and Jennifer work together to access your inner compass, courage and life direction. Her work with clients centers on the belief that being embedded in relationships may bring up feelings of pain, powerlessness, and disappointment but with guidance can become a gateway to greater resilience, dignity, and what Dr. Murray Bowen calls “differentiation of Self.”

Working with Couples
As a former professor of psychology and religion, Jennifer takes a psycho-educational approach for improving communication with the one(s) you love. She invites clients to use insights from The Gottman Institute, an evidence-based therapeutic method for couples interested in growing satisfying relationships. For partners experiencing relational ambivalence, she offers discernment counseling to support intentionality around the decision to work on the partnership or separate.

How I Can Help
Jennifer is a graduate student working to be licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT). She takes a systems approach to change, believing that our problems and our “cures” are ignited and maintained in all our relationships based on our generation, family, popular culture, religious traditions, and values.

Areas of Specialization

  • Narrative Counseling to assist clients to become authors in their lives vs. lost in a story that is keeping them stuck
  • Couples Counseling via Gottman Institute tools for practicing communication skills and accessing compassion and humor for a more enlivened connection
  • Personal Growth – creatively unlock intuitive wisdom for building authentic relationships

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