Praise for Manlowe’s Books

Polishing the Mirror

“I’m so excited after reading the first half of Polishing the Mirror: 90 Days to Creative Clarity after I got it in the mail this morning. I love it! It’s such a great fit for me. Dr. Manlowe takes really big concepts and puts them into something all of us can comprehend. We get to see the Socratic method in poetic action in ways that help people be who they are meant to be. This book helps readers get clarity about their lives and calling. It’s hard not to skip ahead in the book because the creative exercises are so helpful and doable!” ~ Ashley Zupan, dōTERRA Entrepreneur

Loving Life As It Is

“We are especially fortunate to have Dr. Jennifer Manlowe with us on our journey in becoming more whole, compassionate people for both ourselves and others. In candidly sharing her own experiences, such as she expresses in Loving Life As It Is, her words inspire us to create positive changes in our lives and our worlds. Manlowe’s brilliance and sheer breadth of knowledge could easily overwhelm or condescend. Rather, she approaches what may be the unfamiliar concept or theory with great humility. With loving personal warmth and humor and an unusual eye toward living life practically, she leaves the reader feeling as though they have been honored with a personal treasure. And they have. Her literature is on my bookshelf next to those feminist authors I read and re-read for their grounding wisdom. Manlowe’s is a uniquely moving and focused voice that women, and men, urgently need, particularly in these uncertain times.” ~ Sue Di Paola, M.S.C., J.D.

Faith Born of Seduction

“What a difficult read! And yet, I recommend your book, Faith Born of Seduction, to every person concerned with their weight and religious heritage. Who knew these issues could be related to physical and sexual abuse in our pasts? Thank you so much for letting each one of these women’s stories be told.” ~ Sister Jae

Sound View

“Jennifer, thanks so much for sending me your book, Sound View: 365 Writing Prompts to Change Your Outlook on Life. It is now part of my regular daily writing routine. I appreciate your encouragement in so many ways. Thanks, too, for facilitating our monthly Saturday retreat of women. Finally, thanks for bringing your other books—I sent them off in the mail today and hope my friends find them as inspiring and helpful as I did. Bless you and your many gifts.” ~ Mac

“I picked up your book, Sound View: A Writer’s Journal, at my doctor’s office and was delighted to find it online so I could order two copies, immediately! Besides the drop-dead-wonderful content—your format is great for anyone who wants to write or create a visual journal—the blank space for thinking, projecting, writing or painting is INSPIRED. Hope to meet you very soon, perhaps at one of your upcoming seminars. Best of luck with this motivational and functional (rare qualities together) book!!!” ~ Dorothy M.

“I’m so thrilled to return to my writing with the prompts from your book Polishing the Mirror. You’ve provided me a way to visualize my life with success, purpose, and meaning. I feel open and excited to learn what’s next and, in the meantime, enjoy what is here.” ~ AnnMarie

“I swear to God, I laughed, I cried, I almost peed my pants at one point. Your book Cracking Up: Notes from A Good Girrrl Gone Bad was full of so many ideas that I could relate to that it was scary. You’ve inspired me to finally put pen to paper to write my own memoir as a Jungian psychologist. Thank you so much!” ~ Daniel M.

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