Online Clarity Course

A longtime student and teacher of Enneagram, Dr. Manlowe is offering her Now What? class online.

No matter your Enneagram Style or personality profile, you can increase your openness to new ideas, ways of communicating and real-life possibilities. By cultivating curiosity, you are better able to uncover a stable sense of self and direction, one which can inform your work, relationships, and other life choices.

Staying open and curious can make one feel lost, scattered, or full of doubt. Fortunately, with the right combination of knowledge and skills, you can advance in your quest for a more fulfilling and joyful life.

This course has been developed and presented by author and founder of EmboldenU, Dr. Jennifer Manlowe to bring clarity and to function as a doorway to purposeful action and positive relational results.

This is a three-week course with three modules requiring two hours-a-week of your time (one hour for funwork and one hour of interacting with Dr. Manlowe in class):

Before you begin, let’s see if this class is the best next step for you. After you take this Enneagram Profiler, send Dr. Manlowe an email: [email protected] and we’ll briefly discuss your results.

The cost of this three-week course is $600, or $500 if you bring a friend!